IDGC of the North-West implements new service for shareholders


IDGC of the North-West, PJSC (subsidiary of Rosseti, PJSC) in order to improve the quality of work with minority shareholders plans to establish offices to implement the functions of the Company's Registrar transfer-agents (R.O.S.T. Registrar, OJSC) in four of seven regions of activities of IDGC of North-West, where the performance of such functions is limited by the Registrar.
7 October 2016 IDGC of the North-West, PJSC together with the Registrar of the Company carried out training seminar for the employees of branches of the company with the aim of accreditation for execution of “transfer-agent” functions.
Thus, in the nearest future on the territory of the Komi Republic, the Republic of Karelia, Murmansk and Novgorod regions shareholders of IDGC of North-West will be able to carry out transactions with securities and receive information about data of their personal accounts.
In particular, with the help of transfer-agents execution of the transactions will be able connected with:
- entering of records on transfer of rights of ownership for securities as a result of sale-purchase or other reasons including transfer of registered securities as a result of inheritance;
- opening of personal accounts in the register of shareholders, introduction of modifications to the information on personal accounts of securities owners;
- provision of information (extracts, notifications, inquiries) from the Register on personal accounts of securities owners.
Contacts of transfer-agents in regions:
The Komi Republic: Mikova Natalya Evgenyevna, (8212) 28-33-22
The Republic of Karelia: Sopoleva Elena Vladimirovna, (8142) 79-17-00
Murmansk region: Koroleva Elena Alexandrovna, (815 53) 688-07
Novgorod Region: Terekhova Alena Vyacheslavovna, (8162) 984-312
IDGC of the North-West, PJSC executes its activities at the territory of seven constituent entities of the Russian Federation of total area of 1 409 726 sq. km (8,23% of the territory of Russia) with population about 5,8 mln. people (3,97% of population of Russia). It includes seven branches: Arkhenergo, Vologdaenergo, Karelenergo, Kolenergo, Komienergo, Novgorodenergo, Pskovenergo. Total length of air and cable power lines is 175 thousand km. Number of substations 35 kV and more on balance is 1172 units, the installed capacity of power transformer substations is 19.03 thousand MVA. Total number of shareholders of the company is more than 12 thousand.