Document Provision Procedure

Details of Documents Provision Procedure

In accordance with Clause 2 Article 91 of the Federal Law On Joint-Stock Companies, IDGC of the North-West, PJSC provides to shareholders of IDGC of the North-West, PJSC and other interested persons having the right of access to documents of the Company, upon their requisition and within 7 (seven) days from the moment of the corresponding requisition receipt by the Company, either access to in-house documents of the Company for purposes of familiarization on the premises of the Company, according to Articles 89-91 of Federal Law No. 208-FL On Joint-Stock Companies dated 26.12.2005 and Article 26 of the Charter of the Company, or copies of the said documents (with the amount of charge for provision of copies of documents as collected by the Company determined by expenditures on such copies production).

Amount of payment for documents copying, per 1 А4 sheet

Name of service    Unit Sum total, RUB
 One-sided copying  RUB/sheet  4,15
 Two-sided copying  RUB/sheet  7,42

Banking details for transfer of funds by way of payment for document copies production:
INN [Taxpayer Identification Number] 7802312751
KPP [Tax Registration Reason Code]  997450001
OGRN [Primary State Registration Number]  1047855175785
OKPO [Code as per the Russian National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations] 74824610
Settlement account:
Settlement account 40702810539000005887 with the Operations Department branch of VTB Bank, JSC in Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg
Correspondent account 30101810200000000704
BIC   044030704

Information provision requests are to be forwarded to the following addresses:
196247, St. Petersburg, Constitution Square, 3 "А"