About Company

"Interregional Distribution Grid Company of North-West”, Public Joint-Stock Company is part of the group of companies  "Rosseti, PJSC and carries out their activities within the territories of 7 constituent entities of the Federation located in the North-Western region:  Republic of Karelia, Komi Republic, Arkhangelsk Region, Vologda Region, Murmansk Region, Novgorod Region, Pskov Region.

The core objective of IDGC of the North-West is ensuring efficient management of the distribution grid complex of the seven territories within the North-Western Federal District of Russia. Service territory of the company is 1.4 million sq. km with the population of nearby 5.8 million people. The total length of overhead and cable power transmission lines is 176,064  thousand km. Amount of 35 kV substations and those of higher voltage held in the company inventory equals 1,172 pieces; the installed capacity of power transformers of substations is 19,537 thousand MVA.

IDGC of the North-West has been operating as a united operational company . Its structure includes seven branches: Arkhenergo, Vologdaenergo, Karelenergo, Kolenergo, Komienergo, Novgorodenergo, and Pskovenergo. Number of employees - 15 thousand people.

General Director  of IDGC of the North-West, PJSC - PIDNIK Artyom Yuryevich.

Branch Locations

Kolenergo Murmansk Karelenergo Petrozavodsk Saint-Petersburg
Head Office
Pskovenergo Pskov Arhenergo Arkhangelsk Komienergo Syktyvkar Vologdaenergo Vologda Novgorodenergo Velikiy Novgorod